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She read about the people she could never be, and the adventures she would never have.

I’m in the stall next to him, kinda like this: It’s a Monday. I gotta do it one more time. One more final scream, okay? But not just a scream. I decided to yell RUN. The roar was so loud, it was like I released the Kraken in the bathroom. It was like a whale gave birth to a roaring t-rex that was uppercutting a playdough can. The hair stood up on my arms. Yeah, and a little bit of pee came out as well. Blood pee ‘cause it was that loud. It was like my freaking butt cheeks clenched and that caused a sound on the seat. And as I was yelling, my freaking foot dipped into the dang toilet so now I release more energy. This guy gets so scared that he just bursts out of the stall, runs out screaming, runs right out of the Target bathroom.

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